Forex Trading Software

Nova Pro – Automated Forex Trading Nova is an automated trading system designed for the foreign exchange market (forex). It is powered by software that uses machine learning (ML) to analyse market trends and identify patterns, aiming to make informed trading decisions.Nova Pro is an innovative technology designed to simplify forex trading and potentially generate profits for users with a focus on risk management and capital preservation.Nova makes it easy

Capital Allowances

Claim Overlooked Capital Allowances Claim up to 130% of the value of Plant & Machinery and Embedded fixtures on your Commercial Property. “A capital allowance claim can reduce your tax liability and possibly generate a tax repayment for previous years” CAPITAL ALLOWANCES – VALUE If there are unclaimed capital allowances in any of your commercial properties, you will receive a tax refund. You will receive an income tax refund if you

Stamp Duty

Reclaim Overpaid Stamp Duty Have you recently purchased a residential or commercial property?If the answer is Yes – in 90% of cases you will have paid the incorrect amount of Stamp Duty.Unbelievable as that may at first seem, it’s true. Our Stamp Duty specialists will audit your stamp duty payments and check for any over-charging. Residential PurchasesIts more than likely have you have paid to much on Stamp Duty, from

Digital Audit

Free Digital Transformation Audit Call 01904 492851 to book your free money saving audit

Tax Set-Off

How can this service help me? We will introduce you to a Tax professional that is able to help you REMOVE the requirement for you to pay any/ all of your Personal AND Commercial tax loans to include but not limited to the following: The Tax Specialist will be providing professional advice. This advice is covered by the Tax firms Professional Indemnity Insurance.  This means that you are fully protected in

Energy Cost Re-Claim

Why your Business May be due a Refund Annual corporate gas and electricity bills in the UK amount to £25 billion and it is estimated that two thirds of these deals are bought through brokers. In many cases, these brokers have failed to disclose to their clients that a portion of their monthly energy bills are being syphoned off by the broker as commission. Over £290 million pounds have been

Asset Finance

Starting and running a business can be a juggling act. By partnering with one of the UK’s top asset finance companies, you never have to drop the ball. If you need to free up some working capital but cash is not easily available, you’ve come to the right place. With Coates Finance, you can turn your existing assets into cash with a sale-and-leaseback arrangement, also known as asset refinance. If you are

Land Remediation

Land Remediation Relief Are you are a developer who has purchased land to develop on?Have you acquired contaminated land and had to remove relevant harm?Have you acquired derelict land and brought it back into productive use?Have you removed arsenic , arsenic compounds, radon or Japanese knotweed to remediate some land?Land Remediation is a relief from corporation tax only. It provides a deduction of up to 150% for qualifying expenditure incurred

R&D Tax Credits

Many UK businesses are eligible for Research and Design tax credits which would put cash straight back into their business – but they have never heard of it. Only a tiny percentage of businesses claim the money that is legitimately theirs. Could your Company be eligible? You need to be a limited company, and you need to be trading.You will need to have a minimum of one year’s filed accounts.