Claim Overlooked Capital Allowances

Claim up to 130% of the value of Plant & Machinery and Embedded fixtures on your Commercial Property.

“A capital allowance claim can reduce your tax liability and possibly generate a tax repayment for previous years”


If there are unclaimed capital allowances in any of your commercial properties, you will receive a tax refund.
You will receive an income tax refund if you own the properties personally and a corporation tax refund if you own the properties in a company.
For example, if we identify £100,000 of expenditure qualifying for capital allowances, this will result in approximately £19,000 of corporation tax savings or a £40,000 personal tax saving.

Our team of qualified specialists with diverse experience and multidisciplinary construction, engineering, surveying, accounting and tax advisory skills, leverage their expertise to maximise claim values for our clients.
Throughout the expenditure review process, we will work closely with you to identify all qualifying expenditure. We take care of all the heavy lifting, so that you can focus on your core business activities.

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