Asset Finance

Starting and running a business can be a juggling act. By partnering with one of the UK’s top asset finance companies, you never have to drop the ball. If you need to free up some working capital but cash is not easily available, you’ve come to the right place. With Coates Finance, you can turn your existing assets into cash with a sale-and-leaseback arrangement, also known as asset refinance. If you are

Land Remediation

Land Remediation Relief Are you are a developer who has purchased land to develop on?Have you acquired contaminated land and had to remove relevant harm?Have you acquired derelict land and brought it back into productive use?Have you removed arsenic , arsenic compounds, radon or Japanese knotweed to remediate some land?Land Remediation is a relief from corporation tax only. It provides a deduction of up to 150% for qualifying expenditure incurred

R&D Tax Credits

Many UK businesses are eligible for Research and Design tax credits which would put cash straight back into their business – but they have never heard of it. Only a tiny percentage of businesses claim the money that is legitimately theirs. Could your Company be eligible? You need to be a limited company, and you need to be trading.You will need to have a minimum of one year’s filed accounts.

SSAS Pensions

With pensions of over £100K, the Director/s could create a SSAS and loan themselves up to half the value of their pension. They would also have free control over their own pension and be free in invest in higher returning Investments such as GAiL’s Gold Trading Program which generates 24% per year. If you run a limited company in the UK and you are making a profit, there is a