Why your Business May be due a Refund

Annual corporate gas and electricity bills in the UK amount to £25 billion and it is estimated that two thirds of these deals are bought through brokers. In many cases, these brokers have failed to disclose to their clients that a portion of their monthly energy bills are being syphoned off by the broker as commission. Over £290 million pounds have been paid back to claimants over the last ten years causing some experts to predict that it may become ‘the next PPI’.

The recent spate of high value claims has prompted the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM) to bring in new measures to regulate energy brokers. The new regulation specifically addresses the brokers need for transparency when it comes to commissions.

We can arrange a free analysis of all charges that your business has incurred to date, look at the contracts that you have, and prepare an information document for a detailed assessment by our panel of solicitors.

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