Participate in Gold Trading

Our partners, Global Capital Consultant Ltd have negotiated a joint venture agreement with Scandinavian Gold Reserve Metal Trading LLC (SGR Metal Trading LLC) which is a licensed Precious Metals Trading Company licensed, registered, and regulated with the Dubai Economic Department with offices in Dubai and Stockholm as well as additional satellite offices in London, Turks and Caicos and Beverly Hills.

Organisation: SGR Metal Trading LLC is built with institutional grade research, infrastructure and institutional compliance and the commodity management division of the firm has over 25 years of experience in banking and commodity trade finance.

Program Overview – Commodity Import Export Program
Targeted Funding Amount: US$25,000,000 (Twenty-five million USD) with a Minimum Gold Purchase Amount of 1kg (per transaction).
Minimum entry value:  USD 50,000
Gross Return: typically 24% per annum, payable annually. (Net to Client)

Program Partners
SGR Metal Trading LLC
Global Capital Consultant Ltd
The Buyers and the Sellers
The Escrow (as required)
Fiduciary Banks, Escrow Banks and Remitting Bank

·      Security Company used for the gold transportation: BRINKS –

·      Refineries: Dubai – and Switzerland –

Program Offer Mechanics:
GCC has negotiated and designed a joint venture derivative of the Program Overview as described above, which entails acquiring gold bullion with a weight of no less than 1kg, at a discount off the spot price, and facilitates the re-sell of the quantity to a pre-approved buyer at a pre-agreed price.

Use of Funds: Prospective Investors must be aware that this is a Collective Investment program. This means the cash funds deposited are pooled together and are physically used to buy gold bullion as required.

Loss Protection: Whilst all due care is exercised to avoid losses, please remember that this program offers the client the comfort that we will, at any part in the transaction, either own the money, or the gold, thus providing a low-risk environment.

Fixed term: GCC require an initial 12-month fixed term commitment of the initial capital. During this term, the Client may request pay outs of profits, if required. If not, the rolled over amount will be used to buy and sell higher quantities of bullion.

Exit Strategy: Clients can cancel after the initial 12-month term. (Terms and Conditions apply) or can apply for an extension.
Requests for cancellation within the initial 12-month period will incur fees, costs, and/or charges for the Clients’ account and can also be refused for the protection of the pooled funds overall balance.

Early cancellation can result in loss of value. 
For further information contact David on 07801 667915