Land Remediation Relief

Are you are a developer who has purchased land to develop on?
Have you acquired contaminated land and had to remove relevant harm?
Have you acquired derelict land and brought it back into productive use?
Have you removed arsenic , arsenic compounds, radon or Japanese knotweed to remediate some land?
Land Remediation is a relief from corporation tax only. It provides a deduction of up to 150% for qualifying expenditure incurred by companies in cleaning up land acquired from a third party in a contained state.
Qualifying contamination includes things such as asbestos, sulphates, hydrocarbons, Japanese knotweed and arsenic amongst others.

Qualifying costs for Land Remediation

  • Remediation of contaminated land,
    common types – removal of asbestos
    from buildings, treatment of harmful
  • Costs associated such as consultancy
    fees, risk assessments and lab costs.
  • Capital expenditure, including the cost
    of plant and machinery
  • Employment and labour costs
  • Subcontractor cost

The claims for LRR on these sites can often yield substantial returns and, with no fees unless we’re successful, it’s worth checking whether you have any that qualify.
We have a team of highly experienced report writers and data analysts that handle the claims on your behalf. If you have any sites you think may fall into the ‘land remediation’ category, that you’ve worked on within the last 4 years, please call 01904 948008 or email one of us..