With pensions of over £100K, the Director/s could create a SSAS and loan themselves up to half the value of their pension. They would also have free control over their own pension and be free in invest in higher returning Investments such as GAiL’s Gold Trading Program which generates 24% per year.

If you run a limited company in the UK and you are making a profit, there is a strong argument that you
should consider a SSAS. Many business owners are unaware of how easily their pensions can be accessed
even before age 55, and used for investment in property, business and much more.
A SSAS pension is a game changer for SME businesses and provides the control, flexibility and choice that
traditional pensions cannot offer.
Some of the key benefits:

  • The ability to be in control and allow you to align your pension and business goals.
  • A SSAS is a highly tax efficient way of saving for retirement whilst providing a line of funding to your
    own business.
  • A SSAS is registered with HMRC and benefits from generous tax concessions. It is considered one of
    the most flexible, resourceful and tax efficient UK pension schemes.
  • Contributions to the SSAS can be made by multiple Members.
  • Loans can be advanced to your business – repayments go back into the SSAS.
  • Loans can be made to an unconnected third-party business – repayments go back into the SSAS.
  • Commercial property can be purchased through the SSAS and leased back to your business.
  • Greater flexibility over investment choice. Examples of tax-sensible investments include:
    Ø Commercial property
    Ø Loans to unconnected companies.
    Ø Investment in gold bullion
    Ø Trading
  • Some of the underlying principles and advantages:
  • To reduce company tax.
  • To increase investment opportunity.
  • To protect your wealth.
  • To save on inheritance tax.
  • To achieve the retirement that you desire and to protect your legacy.

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