Reclaim Overpaid Stamp Duty

Have you recently purchased a residential or commercial property?
If the answer is Yes – in 90% of cases you will have paid the incorrect amount of Stamp Duty.
Unbelievable as that may at first seem, it’s true.

Our Stamp Duty specialists will audit your stamp duty payments and check for any over-charging.

Residential Purchases
Its more than likely have you have paid to much on Stamp Duty, from your First time home
purchase to a holiday home, accommodation for your children, or a bigger purchase for extra room for grandparents.

Have you brought your first Buy To Let (BTL) property as a nest egg or adding to an existing portfolio? There are 49 allowances that conveyances miss on most transactions.

With larger scale transactions, the scope for errors increases, especially when complexities such as planning permission, permitted developments or modernizations of existing property can make thousands of pounds’ worth of difference to the tax liability.

For a Free audit of your recent and historic Stamp Duty payments, contact us now. or Tel 07971 511 934